Your $10,000 gift can help provide Scholarships. East Side House provides over 50 scholarships to hardworking, deserving young adults each year so they can pursue college dreams and career goals. Your gift will give hope to students and ensure opportunities to achieve greatness.  

Your $5,000 gift can pay for a Student Ambassador's travel and food expenses, including dinner at five popular restaurants in France, Italy, and Spain. This program gives students the opportunity to explore the world outside their community, wherein they develop vital leadership skills within a cross-cultural setting and make lasting memories for life. 

Your $2,500 gift can ensure a hardworking parent doesn’t have to worry about their child- East Side House offers students additional learning time after school so parents can continue to work knowing their child is in a safe, fun, and engaging environment. With your gift, you will give peace of mind to working parents in the Bronx while our staff works hard to reinforce the skills needed to reach New York State standards for promotion and graduation.  

Your $1,000 gift can help provide Certification Training. At our  Post-Secondary Pathways program, East Side House trains young adults to enter careers as Certified Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, and Phlebotomists. When you give a gift to East Side House, you give hope to promising young adults aspiring to save lives in our community.   

Your $500 gift can provide laptops for students to compete in an increasingly digitized world. When we have access to the internet, unlimited amounts of information are within our reach. That access is often nonexistent for many of our students in the South Bronx. Your support narrows the digital divide, helping students access the internet, allowing them to research assignments and succeed academically.

Your $250 gift can provide the love of reading - East Side House’s literacy program provides individual and group reading exercises for students of all ages and reading levels to read proficiently. Your support will help young students learn to love reading and help guarantee academic success. 

Your $100 gift will pay for a tank of gas that fuels the delivery of meals for 75 homebound adults per day.

Suggested Amounts

All donations are tax-deductible up to the amount allowable by law.  East Side House is proud that 86 cents of every dollar go directly to our programs!


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